Jiofi.local.html – Jiofi Admin Login (Default GateWay Page)

Jiofi.local.html – Jiofi Admin Login (Default GateWay Page)

Jiofi.local.html:  Jio is one of the leading internets provides in India. The users of Jio are getting increased day by day because of its best service and offers. Jio is not only providing sim cards for smartphones they also released Jio wifi hotspot /router devices. Recently they also started the Jiofiber connections across India. Most of the Jiofi users searching for the jiofi.local.html admin login page to access their Jiofi router/dongle device setting.

jiofi.local.html login
jiofi.local.html login

By accessing this page the Jiofi users can able change the username and password of their device and also they can easily change their router settings. The options like Managing LAN, WiFi, LTE, Network, User management, WPS, Apps management, and advanced settings will be available on the Jiofi.local.html admin login page. There are many easy steps and ways to access your Jiofi admin page so please read the full guide and access your jiofi router settings.

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Know About Jiofi Router and Jiofi.local.html

Jio is the one and only dominating mobile network company in India. They made this by providing extraordinary offers for its customers and they also provide access for their customers to other JIo apps such as (JioTV, Jio Cinema, Jio4G voice, Jio meet and etc). 

The Jio LTE sim will only work on 4G smartphones and devices. If you want to use Jio for your PC Windows/Mac then you need to buy the Jiofi dongle or Jiofi hotspot device which will support you to use the network on multiple devices. Use the jiofi wifi router and get all Jio offers. Here in this guide, we will show you the steps to access the jiofi.local.html to update your device WiFi settings, Enable Mac address filter, Change username and password, changing storage options on Jiofi routers, and also let you know the steps to check the battery status. Okay, let’s look at the steps to access the Jiofi.local.html admin login page.

How to Login Jiofi.local.html Page?

By following the below steps you can open your router dashboard to make all your router settings. Okay, let’s look at the steps to login to jiofi.local.html.


First of all, you need to open your browser on your mobile or PC. Now enter the Jiofi.local.html or in the URL bar. You can easily click the below link to access the dashboard directly.

Now click the login option and login in with your username and password. If you are using it for the first time then the default password is “administrator”.

jiofi login page

  1. The default username of the Jiofi router login as the "administrator".
  2. The default password of the Jiofi router login is "administrator".

That’s it now you can easily access your Jiofi dongle/router device settings by using Jiofi.local.html.

Now you can easily do all your required settings like change username or password, SSID names, enable SD card and etc.

How to Change/Reset the Jiofi Router Password?

By using the above steps just login to the Jiofi admin dashboard and follow the below steps to change/reset jiofi hotspot router password easily. 

Once login to your Jiofi dashboard now you need to click the settings option. You can see the 4 top menu tabs such as “Status”, “Network/Settings”, “WiFi disk” and “User Management”. 


Choose the Network option and choose the Wifi Configuration.

Now you can see the Wifi settings of the Jiofi router. To change your Jiofi router password select the “Security key/Keyword” and enter your favorite password then click the save button.

That’s it now you have changed your Jiofi Router password using the Jiofi.local.html admin dashboard.

Tips: Please choose a strong password so that no one can easily crack your Jiofi router password. The best and strong password is a combination of numbers, words, and special symbols. The dashboard is different for various models of Jiofi devices.

Fix Forgot Password of http://Jiofi.local.html Dashboard/Factory Reset of Jiofi Router:

The default Jiofi router username password is “administrator” if you have changed your username or password using the above steps and forgets those changes password then the only way to login to jiofi.local.html is to reset your jiofi device. This has happened most of the time so please do the below steps to do the factory reset on Jiofi WiFi dongle/router.

This is a very easy process any person can do this. First, open the back cover of your Jiofi device.

Now you can see the reset option on the device's backside. Refer to the below image for a better understanding.

Use any pin to press the reset button. (Make a long press to do the factory reset on the Jiofi router).

jiofi hard reset

Once you did the Jiofi reset now you can easily login to the Jiofi login page using the default username and password which is “administrator”.

This is how you can easily set your forgotten password now login to jiofi.local.html and set your favorite password easily.

Before accessing the Jiofi.local.html login page turns of the firewall program on your system because it will block the jiofi.local.html page.

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Gets Access/Enable MicroSD Card on Jiofi Device using jiofi.local.html?

Most of the Jiofi users don’t know the SD card slot option in Jiofi device. This is one of the best features and it will be work as a card reader and you can use this SD card storage to save any files and access them wirelessly. 

  • First, take a micro SD card and insert it into your jiofi device.
  • Now put the battery and switch on the Jiofi device.
  • Open the browser and enter the jiofi.local.html to open the Jiofi dashboard/admin panel.
  • Use your username and password to get into your jiofi router settings. Click settings – Storage option.
jiofi storage enable
  • Choose the enable option in storage and give a username and set a password for your SD card.
  • Now you can easily access the SD card file using the Jiofi router device.  This is how you can enable Jiofi router storage using the Jiofi.local.html page.

Enable Mac Address Filter

  • Open the Jiofi router admin website and login to your device account. 
  • In the top menu choose the Network tab and select the “Mac Address Filter” option.
  • Now you need to click the option to enable the Mac address filter.
  • Once you provide Mac ID then you can easily provide access or deny to any devices to the jiofi dongle/router.
jiofi mac filter enable
  • Click on the submit button now the MAC address filter option is enabled easily.

How to Connect/Use Jiofi Router/dongle on PC/Laptop/desktop Using WiFi

  • Connecting the Jiofi router to your PC/laptop is really very simple. Using the Internet on PC is very essential so use the Jiofi device on PC using the below steps.
  • Switch on your Jiofi router/dongle device.
  • Now power on your PC/laptop and click on the Wifi signal at the bottom of your screen.
  • It will show you the available WiFi networks so choose your device and click the connect option.
  • Enter the password easily connect your Jiofi device to your PC. If your PC doesn’t have a WiFI option then buy a WiFi dongle and connect it to your PC USB port.

Frequently asked questions on jiofi.local.html

Here are the frequently asked questions of the router and IP address (jiofi.local.html. Read and know more about the router login details.

What is the default username and Password of the jiofi.local.html router login page?

The default Username and Password is “administrator” (all small case letters).

What is Jiofi.local.html?

It is the IP address of jiofi router admin dashboard using this you can get access to your Jiofi router settings.

Why I can’t access Jiofi.local.html?

If you use invalid credentials then you are unable to login into the jiofi-local-html admin dashboard. Use the correct password or reset the Jiofi router device and log in with the default password easily.


Hope this guide will help you on how to use jiofi.local.html to get the jiofi device settings. Use jiofi device and remember the IP addresses ( and jiofi.local.html) to configure your device settings. If you have any queries related to the Jiofi router please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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