JioTV for Android TV Free Download - Update Version Apk

JioTV for Android TV Free Download - Update Version Apk

JioTV for Android TV: After launching Reliance Jio, millions of users have used Jio sim on their smartphones. It comes with free data and free voice. So most of the people used jio apps compared to all other apps. JioTV is the most popular TV application in the Google play store. There are many TV applications available in the internet market but JioTV is completely free and it will play even low signal. So you can watch your favorite programs without any interruption. 

The Reliance Jio has launched the web version of its JioTV app. So the Jio users will able to watch live TV and favorite programs on their PC and Android TV. Here in this tutorial will help you install JioTV app on your Android TV using the internet connection. Keep reading this complete article to get full details about JioTV for Android TV and its features.

Why we install JioTV apk on Android TV?

Nowadays, all of us are using android smart TV to watch programs and movies. If you want to watch live Tv program without any interruption then you need to install jioTV on your Android TV. The Jio provides a very high-speed internet connection. It comes with a package of 545 channels and more than 60+ HD channels. You can select the channel and language which movie you want to watch. It supports more than 16 languages like Tamil, English, Hindi, Malayalam, Kannada, Marathi and more.
JioTV for Android TV
JioTV for Android TV

You can install jio TV on your Android TV and watch your live TV programs via internet connection. If you have a jio ID and password then you can easily watch your favorite channels. Jio provides the fastest internet connection compare to all other networks in India. There are many android TV application or available in Internet market line Airtel TV, Hotstar, Vodafone Play and etc. But JioTV is the most popular online TV streaming application. it made millions of downloads in a short period because of its high-speed internet connection and quality of channels. 

Features of JioTV Apk for Android TV:

There are many features are available when you install jioTV on your Android TV. Once you install jiotv on android Tv you can access all the features of JioTv for Android TV. We mention that some important features which are listed below.
  • You can watch your favorite programs and movie at any time and anywhere. 
  • Jiotv for android tv you can use a reminder option for your programs.
  • You can create your own favorite program list and can easily manage your channels. 
  • Using JioTv for android TV you have an in-built video player on your Android TV. So you have no need to install any video player application to play a video on your Android TV. 
  • You can also select your language and favorite programs.
  • The jioTV comes with a package of more than 525 channels and 60+ HD channels. 
  • Using jiotv for android TV you can save your favorite programs for 7 days. So you can never miss your moves and programs. 
  • It also provides pause and plays an option. So you can watch your movies without any interruption.
These are the best features of JioTV for Android TV. Without any hassle, you can install jio Tv on your Android TV. 

How to install JioTV for Android TV?

This is a very simple step to download and install jioTV for Android TV. We guide you to download Jiotv for Android TV. There are 2 methods used to install jiotv on your android tv.
  • Method 1: Download and install jiotv apk file on Android TV.
  • Method 2: install jiotv for android tv using File Explorer.
Just follow these methods to download and install JioTV on your Android TV.

Method 1:

JioTV for Android TV
JioTV for Android TV
  • First download jiotv apk file from its official website. The JIoTv app is available in APK format so you can easily download it.
  • Once you download the jiotv apk file just open the apk file folder on your device.
  • Now connect storage device like pen drive just copy the apk file.
  • Open the android TV USB storage device and find the apk file and install it on your Android TV.
  • But before installing jiotv apk file on your android tv you should have modified your TV setting. It should help to install a third party application on your smart tv.
  • Now go to setting and click the security option and enable the unknown source.
  • After complete this step then your android tv ready to install any third-party application.
  • Now open the jiotv apk file and install it on your android tv.
  • Finally, you can install jiotv on android tv. Now go for the apps option on your android tv and connect the internet connection to watch your favorite movies.

Method 2:  Download jiotv App Using File Explorer.

Some Android TV will not installed any third-party applications. So they need some alter the method to install jiotv on their smart TV. Here we guide you to install jiotv with help of Ex-file explorer. Just follow this below steps to install Jiotv for Android TV.
JioTV for Android TV
JioTV for Android TV
  • First, download and install file explorer on your smart TV. You can download file explorer from its official website.
  • Now find the explorer file on your smart TV. If you don’t know to find the file explorer then you can install it from externally.
  • Now open the ES file on your android phone and click the left menu.
  • Click the network option from the menu list and select the Android TV. 
  • Now it will scan the Android TV names.  Just select your Android TV name from the list shown on your phone screen.
  • Now ES file installs on your Android TV and you can install JioTV apk file via this ES file explorer.
  • Finally, the JioTV apk file is installing on your Android TV and you can watch your movies.
If you have any struggle to download and install JioTV for Android TV just ask free on the comment box. 

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