How to Fix Jio TV Remote Not Working Red Light Blinking

How to Fix Jio TV Remote Not Working Red Light Blinking

Jio, one of India's largest telecom providers, has become a household name for its affordable plans and wide range of services. One of these services is Jio set-top boxes, which come with a remote control to navigate through the channels and features. However, it can be frustrating when the Jio remote suddenly stops working, leaving you unable to access your favorite shows and movies. 

How to Fix Jio TV Remote Not Working
                                                 How to Fix Jio TV Remote Not Working

In this article, we will discuss some possible reasons why your Jio remote may have stopped working and what you can do to fix it.

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Jio remote not working: what could be the problem?

Is your JioTV remote not working? Don't call a technician just yet! It could be a simple issue. Let's look at the most common ones.

First, check if it's the remote or something else. To do this, try another device's remote on your Jio TV. If it works, then the problem is with your remote. If not, something else could be wrong.

If the other remote works, these are some possible causes:

  • The batteries in your remote might need replacing.
  • Dust particles may be blocking one of the buttons.
  • The IR receiver inside your JioTV may have worn down.
  • Something might be blocking the signal from reaching your TV.
  • The pairing between the remote and JioTV could be lost.
  • Your software/firmware could be damaged.
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How to Check If Your Jio TV Remote Is Working:

Is your Jio TV remote not working? It's a common symptom that something's wrong. To fix it, do these steps:

  1. Check the batteries. If they're dead or weak, replace them.
  2. Test all the buttons. Press each one and check their response on the screen. Adjust if needed.
  3. Reset to factory settings. Follow the manufacturer’s instructions. After, test again.
  4. Replace if nothing else works. Go to an electronics store or online vendor. Find a compatible replacement for your system model and year.

How to Change the Batteries in Your Jio TV Remote:

Time to replace those batteries! If your Jio TV remote isn't working, it might be the batteries. This is an easy repair, no special tools or knowledge is needed.

  • Turn the remote over and use a credit card to open the back panel. 
  • Inside are two AA-size batteries. Take out the old ones and discard them.
  • Get two new AA-size batteries. Put them in the same way as the old ones (positive side up). Close the back panel firmly with your credit card.
  • Press a button on the remote to see if it's working. If not, try again; new batteries may take time to activate. 
  • If still not working, contact customer service.
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How to fix Jio remote not working red light blinking:

Jio TV remote not working or red light blinking? There are a few reasons why this might be happening. Find out the cause to diagnose it properly. Common causes include wrong settings, battery problems, and faulty connections. Here are some solutions to try:

  • Check if all cables are plugged in properly and connections are working.
  • Replace the batteries of your Jio TV remote, if needed. Make sure the new batteries are working.
  • Check the settings using the Setup Menu option in the Settings of your remote control.
  • If needed, perform a factory reset on your Jio TV device. 
  • Press and hold the Back button + Down arrow button on the remote for 5 seconds until "Reset successful" appears.

How to Reset Your Jio TV Remote
How to Reset Your Jio TV Remote
  • Remove any obstructions between your Jio TV and its Remote Control Device.
  • Don't point two different remotes at the same Television set at the same time. This will create interference.

How to Reset Your Jio TV Remote:

Is your Jio TV remote not working? Don't panic! Here are some steps to reset it.

  • Check the battery is fresh and inserted properly.
  • On the back of the remote, locate the reset button. It can be a small pin size hole or larger circular indented area.
  • Insert a pin or needle-like object into the hole, and press down until you feel a click. You may need to hold it for one or two seconds.
  • When you take your finger off the button, press any key on the remote. This will indicate it's been reset successfully.

Note: If it doesn't work, tries again - sometimes multiple attempts are needed.

Jio Remote replacement cost:

To replace a faulty Jio TV remote, you need to know the different types and their costs. Depending on the model and age, prices vary. Generally, expect to pay between ₹600-1500.

You can also buy a pre-used or renewed remote. But, these don't have any warranties. Plus, in some parts of India, you may not get authorized replacements. In such cases check online retailers.

Before buying, research which models are compatible with your Jio TV device. To avoid further costs, do this. Also, check the warranty details on the brand's website. If your remote is out of warranty, contact technical support.

Jio remote not working: troubleshooting tips:

Got a Jio remote that won't work? Don't worry, there are some steps to troubleshoot it. Follow this guide and get your remote up and running again.

Step 1: Reset the Remote.

  • Take out the batteries.
  • Press the power button on the underside of the remote.
  • Insert new batteries.
  • Press OK, and wait a few seconds.
  • If there's a message on the screen, press OK again.

Step 2: Check the Batteries.

  • Make sure you have fresh batteries in the remote.
  • Low-quality or worn-out batteries can cause lagging of the device.
  • Change the batteries if they don't work properly.

Step 3: Replace Faulty Components.

  • Check for any damage to buttons or IR receivers.
  • Clean the components periodically.
  • If you can't fix it yourself, find a Manufacturer's Service Centre near you.


This guide looked at why your Jio TV remote isn't working. We've got tips that work for all Jio TV remotes. Try them out! Maybe your remote will be working again in no time. If not, contact Jio TV support. Our customer service reps will be pleased to help. 


Why red light is blinking in Jio remote?
  • Red blink when pressing any key - Your remote control is low on power. No LED Indicator - Remote out of charge completely. Please replace the batteries
How do I turn on my Jio remote to my TV?
  • Pair your remote.
  • Switch on your Jio STB and wait for 'Connect Jio Accessories' screen.
  • Insert 2 AAA batteries in the remote.
  • Wait for the red LED lights to blink 5 times.
  • Press any button for 10 seconds.
  • Now your Jio remote is paired successfully.

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