How to Connect JioFi to Smart TV (Sony/Samsung/MI TV)

How to Connect JioFi to Smart TV (Sony/Samsung/MI TV)

How to Connect JioFi to Smart TV: With JioFi, you can make free calls and enjoy unlimited internet data at a very low price. You can enjoy unlimited data for 1 GB or 3 GB for 3 days for Rs. 49 or Rs. 149 respectively. JioFi is a new concept of the wireless broadband router which is easy to use and it is compatible with most smart TVs. This means that you can easily connect your JioFi to your smart TV and enjoy unlimited internet data with ease.

How To Connect Jiofi To Smart TV

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About Jiofi : 

Reliance Digital has introduced the LYF-powered JioFi device. It is a portable broadband device brought to you by Reliance Digital. It can connect a minimum of 10 devices + 1 USB connection. 

Jiofi is the personal hotspot 4G connectivity device. Then you can easy to access high internet speed anytime and anywhere without a problem. Because of the Jiofi device with an in-built battery. Jiofi hotspot device provides 150Mbps internet speed. then you can enjoy HD voice and video calling on a 2g&3g device

Jiofi hotspot specification:

  1. Standard WAN: LTE (2300 / 1800 / 850 MHz), IEEE 802.11b/g/n 2.4G only.
  2. Connect Device Recommended 10 (Wi-Fi) + 1 (USB tethering).
  3. Power Supply AC: 100-240V; DC: 5V&1A.
  4. Dimensions - 85 X 55 X 16 mm.
  5. Micro-SD Card, Micro-USB Port, Nano SIMBattery Capacity - 2300mAh.

How To Connect Jiofi To Smart TV: 

To connect JioFi to your smart TV, you need to install the apps on your TV. You can find the app on Google play store or Apple store. Once the app is installed, follow these simple steps to connect your JioFi to your TV:

We connect your Smart TV to JioFi. First, turn on your JioFi.

  • First Open the TV menu and select settings.
  • after selecting, the Wi-Fi, settings select your JioFi SSID.
Wi-Fi, settings select your JioFi SSID
  • Then Enter Your Password using your remote. 
Enter Your Password
Enter Your Password
  • After Select can find the SSID and the password
Jiofi SSID Password
Jiofi SSID Password
  • On the JioFi box and in the battery compartment.
  • Smart TV is now connected to JioFi.

Now using the JioFi you can surf the internet, can enjoy movies, music games, and much more on your big screen.


I hope this article has helped you to connect JioFi to your smart TV. If you have any queries then you can comment below. Also, I will try to answer your queries as soon as possible.

People also ask

Can JioFi work for smart TV?

  • Easy to connect wifi-enabled devices. Then you can watch youtube videos on your smart tv and chatting your friends on your android smartphone. jiofi hotspot devices support laptop and computers.
How do I connect my Jio to my TV?
  • Very Simple on your smart tv.
  • Then open the Google play store.
  • after searching to download the jio app.
  • then install your smartphone.
  • After watching movies etc...

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