Jio DTH Booking Online Registration – Jio Setup Box Booking 2019

Jio DTH Booking Online Registration – Jio Setup Box Booking 2019

Jio DTH Setup Box Registration: Hello folks welcome to our Jio guide blog. Jio network is one of the leading top networking companies in India. Jio made a lot of offers for the customers to increase the sales in all over India. Jio also released a lot of own applications for its users to engage than with the network. Jio also made mobiles and other networking gadgets like Jiofi, Jio routers to increase the sales of Jio sim. Now Jio planned to release Jio DTH setup box at the end of the year 2019. Jio dth is expected in the year of 2018 but for some reason, they planned to release it in 2019. So be ready for the update from Jio. Here I let you know how to register jio dth setup box online? Read the complete post and book jio dth setup box. 

Jio Setup box Booking online
Jio Setup box Booking online

Jio DTH Setup Box Online Registration 2019 Starts Now:

Jio DTH creates more expectations because jio always provides the best service and offers. Reliance jio group involved n many businesses now they are going to step into the entertainment field that is television. Jio is planning to use a jio fiber connection to provide the Jio DTH. The troy made a lot of new rules for the current broadcasting companies and channels so jio DTH is the most expected thing in India. In the post, we also provide the jio dth plans and offers from believable sources.
Before register/ booking jio dth please try to know its best features and functions. This will help you to find the difference between other setup box connections.

Jio DTH Setup Box/ Jio Giga TV Features:

  • The main feature people are expecting in the DTH is picture quality so jio dth planned to provide high quality like SD, HD up-to 4K videos. Nowadays everyone is using smart tv with a good quality display so you need a quality DTH connection to enjoy the picture quality of the TV.
  • Jio setup box provides more than 500 channels in all languages in India.
  • The most expecting offer from Jio DTH is the first 3 months free similar to Jio SIM. If they do this defiantly they will reach more people in a short period of time.
  • The DTH Setup box price will be around 1000 or less than 1000 rupees.
  • This setup box will have all the latest features like HDMI and USB port.
Jio DTH registration
Jio DTH registration
  • Jio DTH setup box also supports 5.1 Dolby sounds, so you will enjoy the quality of music.
  •  The Monthly basic plan of this Jio setup box is around 200 or 180.
  • Pause and play the live tv channels are possible with this dth setup box. 
  • This also supports chrome cast and firefox tv.
  • With the help of fiber, optical jio dth will also provide internet connection so you can use the wifi feature with this DTH. 

These are all the advanced features that are not available in other DTH services. Okay, let’s see the steps of jio dth setup box registration online.

Jio DTH Setup Box Release Date- Jio Dth Price and plans in India:

Reliance Jio Dth is planned to release in the mid of 2018 but unfortunately for some reason they did not release it in 2018. Now we get some information regarding jio DTH from the trustful sources which said they are planning to release jio DTH at the end of 2019 and they also start the online jio dth booking at the end of November 2019. So stay tuned and visit our website to get all jio related updates and news.
Jio DTH Setup Box Booking
Jio DTH Setup Box Booking
Jio Dth Setup Box price will be around 1000 rupees and the monthly plan will be around 200 rupees. The will use the fiber optical technology for their DTH connection. Because of this technology we will get a completely new experience which is not in any other service.

What you will get With Jio DTH Box?
  1. Jio Set-top Box
  2. Dish Antenna
  3. Remote control
  4. Wires 
  5. User manual

Jio DTH Set Top Box Booking/Registration Online Process:

Please follow the steps below for pre-booking the jio dth set-top box. Okay, let’s start the process.
  • Go to the official Jio DTH website.
  • Click on the “JIO DTH Online Booking” tab on the top menu.
  • Now you need to fill the form with your complete details like aadar card, address and other details.
  • Next step you need to pay the advance by using the debit and credit card
  • Once the payment completes you will get the invoice for delivery. 
  • That’s it now wait for the delivery and the installation of Jio DTH Set-top box in your home.

That’s it this is how you can book Jio DTH set-top box. Share this with your friends to made and advance booking of JIO dth. If you have any doubts related to jio dth booking please let us know in the below comment box. Thank you for your visit guys.

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