How to Change/Reset Jiofi Password and Username

How to Change/Reset Jiofi Password and Username

Jiofi Password change login: Hello friends welcome to our jio guide blog. Are you using a jioFi device and want to change or reset the password and username? Then you are in the correct place, here in this post I will let you know the way to change or reset the jiofi password and username. This tutorial is very simple to do so don't skip any steps to do all the steps which are listed below. Jio network is one of the best and fastest-growing networks in India. They released a Wi-Fi hotspot device call Jiofi. Jiofi device made millions of users in India. 

Jiofi Password Change
Jiofi Password Change
So this guide will help those users to change Jiofi password and username. Changing the jiofi password try to do the reset option in the Jiofi device. This will reset all the usernames and passwords to the default/pre-programmed. Just do the below steps to reset your jio Wi-Fi device.

How to reset Jiofi device:

First of all resetting, your Jiofi device will delete all the username, password, and other Wi-Fi details. Most of the time people will forget their username and password so this reset option will help them to recover the default username, password and help them to set a new password and username.

jiofi password change
  • Take your jio Wi-Fi device and in the backside remove the battery. now you can see the default username & password to login to jiofi settings and you can see the Wi-Fi password.
  • Now put the battery and switch on your jiofi device. And in the backside of the device, you can see the reset option like a hole. 
  • Now use your sim eject pin to click the reset button. Once you click on the reset button the whole device will restart.
  • Now you can put the username and password which is on the backside of the jiofi device.
  • This is how you can reset your jiofi device simply. Now let's see how to set a new jiofi password and username? or how to login to Jiofi portal?.

How to reset/change jiofi password:

  • First, switch on your jiofi device and use the default Wi-Fi password to connect with any device like a laptop or smartphone. 
Jiofi Password Change
Jiofi Password Change
  • Open the below URL in the browser.
  • Jiofi.local.html. this is the official jiofi portal to change your jiofi device settings and user management. 
  • Now click on the login option in the right corner of the page. What is the default username and password in the back of the jiofi device? ( administrator, administrator).
  • Now you can access your jiofi device settings portal. You can see the jiofi LTE status on the homepage.
  • From the top menu please select the settings option. Now you can see a menu on the left hand inside from that select user management.
  • here you can easily change Jiofi password and username. 105 enter the new username and password click on the apply button.
  • once the new username and password are changed it will again ask you to log in with the new username and password.
  • Also, change your jiofi Wi-Fi username and password. Just click on the Wi-Fi option on the left side to access the Wi-Fi settings.
  • Here you can change jiofi Wi-Fi username And security key. Once you have made the changes click on the apply button.
  • This is how you can change or reset Jiofi password and username official jiofi portal.

If you have any doubts related to changing/reset jiofi password and other jio applications please let us know in the below command box. We are always ready to provide the best solution for your queries. Thank you for your visit guys.

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