How To Change Jio Tune - 4 Methods

How To Change Jio Tune - 4 Methods

How To Change Jio Tune: Hi friends welcome to our Blog. You can easily set your caller tune for Jio users Because Jio Tune is totally free of cost. In the Telecommunication market lot mobile networks available for example Airtel, Vodafone, etc. But other network operators caller tune are paid services. Jio Tune also offers free caller tunes Service. You Can easily activate without paying any premium pack with Jio Tune. Then you can easy to set your favorite song as your caller tune from more than 3 Lakhs songs available in the Jio tune store. So friends how to Change Jio Tune Step by step Guide has given below. 
How To Change Jio Tune - 4 Methods
How To Change Jio Tune - 4 Methods

Different Method is available to activate Jio Caller Tunes  By sending a message, Jio Saavn Music, app and by copying from other jio number user, IVR, My jio app.

About Jio (Jio Tune) :

Jio is an Indian mobile network operator. Then jio launched by reliance industries and headquartered in Mumbai. Then India most speedest network in Jio. Then jio operates a national LTE network with coverage across all 22 telecom circles. India. The company launched its 4G broadband services throughout India in September 2016. It was to release in December 2015 after some reports said that the company was waiting to receive final permits from the government. Jio offers fourth-generation (4G) data and voice services, along with services like instant messaging and streaming movies and music.
My Jio

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4 Ways To Set Caller Tune on Jio Phones :

You Can 4 Ways to Chang Caller tune on Jio Phone. Follow the step by step instruction given below.

  • By sending a message
  • Jio Saavn Music app
  • by copying from other jio number user.
  • Ivr.

By Sending A Message :

By Sending A Message
By Sending A Message 

  • First Open Jio Messer application and send SMS with the first 3 Words od the song /film/ album of your choice to send 56789 number
  • Then you will receive an SMS with the list of songs matching to your Song
  • After following the Received  SMS Instruction to set your favorite Song.
  • Then You Can Change the Song. You Can SMS "JT" and Follow the instruction.

Jio Saavn Music App:

Jio Saavn Music App

  • First Go To Download Jio Store and Download Jiosaavn app
  • After open Jiosaavn app and select a song of your choice
  • Then Play the song and open in the player mode and click on "Set Jio Tune".
  • Then you can Easy to play preview the Jio tune, tap on the play icon.
  • After Set the Selected Song as Jiotune
  • Then Tap on the 3 dot icon and tap on set as Jio Tune option to set the JioTune.
  • Then Automatically get the notification once your JioTune has been SET.

By Copying From Other Jio Number User:

Jio number user
Jio number user
  • First Take the Jio Phone Press * before the call is answered.
  • Then you will receive a confirmation SMS to Confirm your caller tune
  • After you need to replay to the SMS with "Y" Within 30 Minutes and the selected JioTune Will Be Activated on your Jio Number. 



Most of the Pople use this method
  • Dial 56789 from the Jio Number on the Which you set the JioTune.
  • Then Select the Song of your choice from the Top Songs to set as your JioTune.

My Jio App :

My Jio App
  • Download My Jio App from Jio play store.
  • Then Open My Jio app and Select " Jio Tune" from the menu.
  • Go to "Song" tap and Select the song which you want to set as Jiotune and click to set as Jio Tune.
  • After getting the Confirmation Screen Once Your Request is submitted Successfully.

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