Jiofi vs Airtel Hotspot - Which is Best to Buy- Speech Test Comparison

Jiofi vs Airtel Hotspot - Which is Best to Buy- Speech Test Comparison

Jiofi vs Airtel Hotspot: Reliance Jio is the best telecom market in India. It is offering the best plans for users all over the world. Reliance Jio has launched its Jio 4G Hotspots to the users. On the other hand, telecom providers like Airtel also launched their own 4G hotspot devices. Read this post to understand Jiofi vs Airtel Hotspot and which is the best one. 

The Reliance Jio SIM cards are available through the official website of Jio. You can see the speed of both networks using speed test websites available on the internet. When we compare the speed of both networks, we will see a slight speed difference between them. 

Jiofi vs Airtel
Jiofi vs Airtel

If you want to know the speed of both networks, you can try using speed test sites to know your network speed. When you compare Airtel with Jio, you will see that Jio has a little more speed than Airtel. Look at the below features to know the difference between networks. 

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Display vs No Display:

Reliance Jio is having hotspot features like OLED display to show the best information like Power ON/OFF, Wi-Fi signals, etc. If we look at the Airtel, It does not have an LED Display, just uses LED to display to give information. Airtel Hotspot lasts for longer than JioFi 4G Hotspot. Airtel Hotspot lasts for 6 hours whereas Jio lasts for 5 hours of battery life. 

JioFi Hotspot has priced Rs. 1,999 while Airtel Charges Rs. 2,300 for Portable Hotspot. JioFi 4G Hotspot is charging lower than Airtel which you can connect devices at a time. 

Design and Portability:

Both the devices come with a rectangular-ish design with Curved edges. These devices are small in their shape so that they can be easily fit into their pockets. Both the devices are portable as it is not a big concern.

Tariff Comparison:

Airtel is costing updating their price for 4G Hotspot devices. These devices of priced at 2,000 rupees and with postpaid plans of 399, 499 rupees at 1,000 Rupees Cashback which is valid for one month. Similarly, JioFi devices are priced at 999 Rupees with the data plans of 1,999 Rupees. You can connect JioFi devices up to 10 devices at a time. 

Which is better?

Earlier, Airtel is offering slow plans, now it is competing with Jio and giving discounted plans to the users. However, the data speed of Jio is good than Airtel data plans. I hope this post is helpful to know the differences between Jiofi VS Airtel Hotspot. 

Final Words:

Both wifi hotspot devices are working well and good so it depends upon your need and likes. Jio Network provides a slightly low rate tariff/plans and has good network coverage in major areas. But recently the Jiofi wifi Hotspot device is out of stock due to its high demand people are searching for other wifi routers. We suggest using an Airtel hotspot rather than using any other wifi router. Hope this guide will help you to buy a better hotspot device. Thanks for your visit.

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