Jio Giga Fiber Router Login IP/Default User Password /Change Jio Fiber Password

Jio Giga Fiber Router Login IP/Default User Password /Change Jio Fiber Password

Jio Fiber Router Login: First of all welcomes to our router solution blog. Do you want to know the Jio Giga fiber login details like IP, username, and default password? Do you want to change the Jio fiber default password to protect your network connection? Then you have landed in the correct post. Here in this post, we cover the complete jio fiber router login details and how to change jio fiber password.

Jio Fiber Router login
Jio Fiber Router login

Jio Fiber is one of the best high-speed broadband connections in India. It is the fastest-growing broadband network across India because of its High-speed internet plans (up to 150GB/S), unlimited voice call, and video calling features. Okay, let’s look into the topic and follow the below steps to log in to your Jio fiber router dashboard and change your default password, etc. 

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Jio Fiber Router Login IP, Default Password, and Username

Please enter the below details without any change then only you can access the Jio fiber router login page. 

Jio Fiber Router Login IP  :  

Default Username               : admin

Default Password                : Jiocentrum

Other default password suggestion if the above password fails.

Popular Default Password     : admin 

Popular Default Password     : 1234

Steps to Jio Fiber Router Login and Change Default Password

  • The first step is you need to connect your Jio fiber to your mobile or PC using a WiFi connection or LAN.
  • Once you connect your device just open the browser and enter the IP address mentioned above (
  • Now you will see the below login screen.
jio giga fiber login
  • Enter the default username and password mentioned above. You will redirect to the change new password page like below.
  • There you need to choose the strong password which is a combination of upper case, lower case, numbers, and special characters otherwise your password will not save.
  • Once enter the new password for admin and guest click the save button.
  • That’s it now you can access your Jio fiber router login dashboard. There click the administration tab from the sidebar.
  • In the submenu choose user and click the admin edit option. Here also you can choose your favorite password. 

That’s it this is how you can easily log in to your Jio Fiber router admin dashboard. If you forget your changed password then you need to do the hard reset of your Jio fiber router. 

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Change Jio Fiber Password Using My Jio App

This is one of the easiest ways to change your Jio fiber router password because your router will get configured with your My Jio app when it is installed by Jio executives. 

  • Open your My Jio App and choose the Jio Fiber from the Top menu.
  • Now click the left side cornet menu and click the "settings" option at the bottom of the menu.
jio fiber router login

  • Once the settings page gets open choose the “Device settings”.
  • Click the “My device” and wait for your current Jio fiber connection details to display. 
  • Now click the WiFi settings option which is shown in the below image. Now you can see your WiFi name with 2 options like “Edit name” and “Change password”.
jio fiber router admin

  • Choose the change password option and choose your favorite password for your Jio WiFi connection.
  • That’s it this is how you can easily change your jio Fiber WiFi router password and SSID.
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Steps for Jio Fiber Hard Reset If you forget your Admin Password

In most of the situation, the user may forget their admin login password. If you also forget your Jio fiber router login password then you need to do the hard reset for your Jio Fiber router. Once you did the reset your device will delete all your data and accept the default details (Default username and password)

  • First, take your Jio fiber router and look at the backside of the device.
  • There you can see the reset hole mentioned.
jio fiber hard reset
  • In some cases, they didn’t mention that so you need to find the hole around the power supply like the below image.
  • Now take any sharp edge pin and press it in the hole and hold for 10 sec.
  • That’s it you have done the hard reset of your Jio Giga fiber router. Now use the above default username and password to log in to your Jio fiber.

What You Can Do with Jio Fiber Router Login Dashboard?

  • Using the IP address on your browser you can change your WiFi password and you can easily change your WiFi SSID name.
  • You can easily forward the port in this admin dashboard using the DMZ rule for DVR, IP Camera, CCTV and etc.
  • It allows you to change your local LAN IP address from to
  • You get the option to connect Set up box to Jio fiber without wire. 
  • Using this Jio fiber router login you can see how many people connect with your device and you can block anyone easily.
  • These are all you can do with this Jio fiber admin dashboard. Hope this will help you to configure your router.

FAQ on Jio Fiber Router Login

Why You Need to Change Jio Fiber Default Password?

As we mentioned above the default Jio fiber router login password is well known for everyone especially for hackers. So using the default credentials is not safe if any illegal person comes near your network signal range they can easily hack your router and network. Please change your default password using the above Jio fiber router login details and while choosing the password very strong.

Final Words:

That's it guys these are all the steps you need to follow to access the Jio Giga fiber router login. Hope this guide will help you to change your router password easily. If you have any queries related to the above guidelines please let us know in the below comment section. Thanks for your visit.

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