How to Reset Jiofi Hotspot? Reset Jiofi Password Easy Method

How to Reset Jiofi Hotspot? Reset Jiofi Password Easy Method

Reset Jiofi Router Password: Hello folks welcome to our router guide blog. I think you were surfing for something related to the Jiofi reset password that is why you have landed on this blog post. Here in this blog, we provide you a complete guide on how to reset your Jiofi device and how to recover your jiofi device when you forget your password.  We all know that Jiofi is the most used wifi hotspot router in India and most of the users having trouble using the internet on the Jiofi device so we have decided to provide the complete guide for those users. 

Reset Jio Wifi Router Password
Reset Jio Wifi Router Password

If you follow our blog you will get all solutions related to the Jio network and its services so read the complete post and reset your Jiofi device easily. Most of the time we tend to forget our jiofi password so that time we need recovery options like reset the device to default. Okay, let’s get into the topic. 

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About Jiofi Hotspot Router Reset

Reliance Jio network released portable Jio WiFi hotspot routers to increase the number of internet users in India because using this device you can connect multiple devices to access the internet. Millions of Indian’s using this device within a short period of span because of its advanced features and unlimited access to the internet at a low cost. 

Jio is liked by Indians because of its best price plans and offers. You can check the best Jio WiFi router plans and choose your favorite plan according to your budget and requirements. This portable Jiofi router comes with the best battery backup so you can use the internet in any place for a long time. It also has an LED indicator display at the top of the device. In the display, you can get the network signal and battery powers. Okay, let’s look at the steps to Reset the Jiofi router password. 

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Steps to Reset Jiofi Hotspot Router Password

This situation will happen when you try to log in to your Jiofi.local.html admin dashboard. If you forget the password of your Jiofi login page then you can’t access your Jio WiFi router settings so you need to reset your device. Once you reset your device your password will get erased and changed to the default password and settings. Okay read the below steps and do it properly.

  • Please insert a Jio SIM card on your jiofi hotspot and switch on your device.
  • Now open jiofi.local.html on your browser and try the old password. If it is not working then you need to reset the device. 
  • Switch off your Jiofi and open the back cover of the device.
  • Just above the battery, you can see the small hole. (Refer to the below image)
jiofi reset password
  • Now take any pin (SIM ejecting pin/hairpin).
  • Insert the pin into the hole and click the reset button for a long time (5-10 sec).
  • After press, the Jiofi Reset password button just close the back cover and switch on the device.
  • Connect the device to your mobile or PC and open jiofi.local.html.
  • Now try to log in with your Jiofi router dashboard by using the default password and username.

  1. The default username:  administrator
  2. The default Password:  administrator
  • That’s it once you get access to your Jiofi router settings page you can easily set a new password for your device. Read here to set a new password for your Jiofi router.

Advanced Functions and Features in Jiofi Hotspot Router:

  • Using the Jiofi router you can connect multiple devices at the same time.
  • The main advantage if it is very small and portable so you can access the internet at any place.
  • You will get the battery and network signal strength on the top LED display.
  • The WPS option in the Jio wifi router will help you to connect your device without a password.
jiofi wps option
  • Jio provides a better battery backup so you can use the internet without any struggles for a long time.
  • We know Jio is one of the best and budget-friendly network companies in India so use the Jio wifi device and share your experience In the below comment section.

Final Words:

These are all the steps to reset jiofi router password. Hope this guide will help you to reset your jiofi. If you have any other router-related queries please let us know in the below comments and we provide you the solutions as soon as possible. Please follow us to get more routers-related solutions and guides. Thanks for your visit.

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