Jio Tower Apply Online Form, Installation, Rent Details- 2022 Latest Update

Jio Tower Apply Online Form, Installation, Rent Details- 2022 Latest Update

Jio Tower Apply and Rent Details: Hello friend, are you searching for the Jio tower network partner details? Then you are in the correct blog post because here in this article we provide you the complete guide on how to apply Jio tower online, how much will get rent on Jio tower per month and other details of Jio tower. 

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This is one of the best options if you are panning for a rental income. The process is very simple just follow the below given steps and wait for instructions from the Reliance Jio company. Okay, let’s get into the topic below.

Why Jio Tower/ Jio Network Partner?

There's no doubt that Reliance Jio is rapidly gaining a large subscriber base; in fact, the organization may have as many as 2.5 million consumers at this point if estimates are to be believed. Reliance Jio is expanding its 4G/5G tower network throughout India and is now accepting applications from landowners and commercial property managers who are interested in leasing their properties to the business. 

If you own land or a building that may house a Jio tower, you should consider becoming a network partner with the company. You may apply for a Jio tower, and if your application is approved, Jio will place a tower in your area and pay you a substantial amount of cash each month as rent.

How to Apply Jio Tower Online Form 2022 Latest Methods:

There are many ways to apply Jio tower here we mentioned only 2 easy methods so don’t trust any third party brokers just follow the steps below.

Apply Jio Tower Online Using Official Website

Apply for Jio tower installation on their website. Easy online Jio tower application. You must submit a completed online application form. Jio tower installer will review your application and contact you.

  • First of all, To become a Jio partner and apply for a Jio 4G/5G mobile tower, visit their website.
  • From the above official link you will get the Jio tower apply form 2022. Just choose you are a building or land owner. You must provide property data to establish a Jio tower.
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  • After entering property information, you'll be forwarded to enter location. To find a location on Google Map, enter the pin code.
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  • Then input your contact numbers to create an OTP with your data. By validating the mobile phone number, you may input further personal data. This OTP login reduces spam.
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  • After OTP login, you'll be sent to a screen where you must provide your name, email address, mailing address with pin code, phone number, address proof data, etc. Complete the Jio mobile tower installation form, and then click "submit."
  • Now your Jio tower/Jio network partner application is submitted the Jio network team will verify your details and call back to the given number for further installation process.

Apply Jio Tower Online Using My Jio App

  • This is also one of the easy methods by your smartphone. Just follow the steps to apply Jio tower online.
  • Open My Jio App on your smart phone.
  • Now use the above search bar and type “Jio Tower”.
  • It will show the Jio network partner option like below.
  • Just click the option and follow the same process mentioned above like choose your property type, address, phone number, map location and so on.
  • Finally give OTP and submit the form with correct address and land measures.
  • The Jio 4G/5G installation team will contact you if they had requirements in your location.

Watch How to Apply Jio Mobile Tower:

Property Requirements for Jio Tower Installation

  • If you have a building top terrace for Jio mobile tower installation, it should be 500 square feet. 
  • If you have a city plot, it should be 2000 square feet.
  • Rural plots should be 2500 square feet.
  • No Jio towers within 100 meters
  • Neighbors' NOC (If the people in your immediate region raise issues, then you won't be able to install it).
  • Building safety certification (Your building is strong or not)
  • The tower installation staff should have a clear agreement.

Jio Tower Rent Per Month – Latest Details

As Jio tower pays rent for your building/property, you will get a significant amount of cash. Depending on where you live, you may earn between 15,000 and 30,000 INR per month in rent from Jio towers whether your property is located in an urban or rural setting.

You will get the most rent if your home is near a major city or other metropolitan location with a high concentration of Jio users. 

The Jio Reliance Tower Installation Department would have all those facts about Jio Tower leasing accessible. 

Once you have submitted an online application for a Jio tower, you will be linked with an executive.

Advantages of Installing Jio Tower on Your Area:

There are several advantages to having the ideal land for the installation of a Jio mobile tower. From Jio, you'll get a consistent monthly cash stream. Your property's rent.

Get more revenue for the portion of your property that you no longer want to operate for agriculture or construction. Apply for Jio tower placement if your land is in a location with very few people living within 100 meters of it to get monthly revenue.

If you own a building, the roof is no longer functional. If so, adding a Jio tower on the building's roof will generate extra cash for you.

FAQ’s on Jio Tower

Which Company Install Jio Tower?

Reliance Jio team will install Jio tower on your property.

How to get Jio Tower in my land?

Just follow the above complete guide and get Jio mobile tower on your land.

How to Apply for Jio Tower?

You can apply this from Reliance Jio official website and My Jio App.

Final Words:

These are all the complete details of how to apply Jio tower and how much you can earn from Jio toer. Hope this guide will help you to clear your doubts related to Jio network partner or Jio tower. If you face any issues in the above Jio guide please feel free to mail us we always ready to provide solutions. Thanks for your visit.

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