Jio APN Settings for Fast Internet – Jio 4G LTE APN Settings

Jio APN Settings for Fast Internet – Jio 4G LTE APN Settings

Jio APN Settings: Hello friends welcome to our jio guide blog. Are you a jio user and do you want high-speed internet by doing simple settings? Then you are landed in the correct place here in this post I will let you know the best APN settings for your jio 4G LTE sim to get the high-speed internet connection. I think you know very well about APN settings if you don't know about that please read the complete post and change your APN settings. to access the high-speed internet on your smartphone.
Jio APN Settings
Jio APN Settings
If you want the best Jio APN settings for your Android or iOS devices then you need to follow the below guide. Most of our readers asking this how to set Jio APN settings properly? So here the complete guide of how to set the best Jio APN settings. Before getting into the topic just right to know what is APN settings?

About Jio APN Settings:

APN is a short form of access point name which is more important to get high-speed internet. Today in India most of the people are using jio network/jio Sim but they are not getting high-speed internet. Based on your smartphone configuration your internet speed may be different but you can get high-speed internet by changing the best APN settings which are given below. APN settings are not that much difficult as you think anyone can change the jio APN settings by following the below steps.

Jio APN Settings - Step by Step Guide:

The internet speed of your smartphone or any device depends on the APN settings and configuration. So to increase the speed of your internet you should change the APN settings. Refer the below image for the best jio APN settings. in India there are many networks are available to the available APN settings will always depend on the domain name of the network. Here the network name is jio which is the very fastest-growing network in India for the past few years. This is the only and first network which is providing high-speed Internet to all over the country. Just do the below jio APN settings on your jio SIM smartphone and enjoy the unlimited high-speed internet.

 Jio apn settings
 Jio apn settings
  • Open your smartphone and go to the settings option.
  • Now in the list of options select a mobile network.
  • You can select the network mode show to select the LTE GSM WCDMA option.
  • You need to select the APN and choose the Jio 4 G network
  • Set the APN name as jio net which is shown in the above image.
  • Now don't set the proxy port username and password.
  • Fancy values may vary depends on your smartphone devices don't change the MCC and MNC settings.
  • Give not set to MMS proxy and MMSC authentication.
  • This is how you can set the Jio APN settings to get high-speed internet. 

If you do the above steps correctly you will get the high-speed internet on jio Sim. If you have any doubts related to jio APN settings or any jio applications please let u know in the below command box. Thank you for the visit. 

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